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Mulder's Moving & Storage is a full-service professional moving company specializing in Kalamazoo, local, West Michigan, Michigan, national and international residential moves of all types and sizes, plus packing services and full service storage. More info on Residential Moves


Mulder's Moving & Storage has a long-standing reputation as a leader in office and commercial moving, installation work and storage in the West Michigan area. We have the ability to move the smallest office up to moving your factory, laboratory or entire business. More info on Commercial Moves


Mulder's Moving & Storage has an excellent storage facility for storage of your household items or your commercial furniture or equipment. Our climate controlled, secure, clean and safe environment is perfect for short- or long-term storage of your goods. More info on Storage

Mulders Movers Preparation


Prior to any move by Mulder's professional movers, we will review your location and take steps to protect your home or building. Common contact points like door jambs and banisters will be wrapped with protective covers. We also put down clean red runners to protect carpeting, tile and wood floors. These protective measures happen at both the origination and destination.

Mulders Movers Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap

Mulder's professional movers will protect your upholstered items, such as couches and chairs with polyurethane wrap material. After the item is wrapped with polyurethane, our professional movers will additionally wrap the item with professional grade furniture pads to add another layer of protection. With protective measures that Mulder's professional movers take, you can relax knowing that your upholstered and wood furniture is protected.

Mulders Movers Packing


Mulder's professional movers are trained to carefully pack your belongings with materials and packing methods that exceed industry standards. Items like dishes and other fragile items are packed into a specially designed container called a dish pack to help maximize protection. Durable items are packed into medium containers while soft goods are put into larger containers. Apparel items hanging on closet hangers will be packed into specially designed wardrobe containers to assure that your clothing items arrive at your new destination in ready-to-wear condition. For items that do not meet the specifications of our existing packing containers, we can custom-make an appropriate container to ensure safe transportation.

Mulders Movers Computers and Electronics Packing

Computers and Electronics

Mulder's professional movers are trained and experienced in moving computers and electronics. Our movers are able to break down computer stations at the origination location and rebuild them at the destination location in the same configuration. Mulder's professional movers also take extensive care in packing computers and electronics to ensure safe transportation during your move. Mulder's has special cartons for packing and moving electronic equipment.