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Planning to pack with newspaper? Read this first! https://muldersmoving.com/can-i-wrap-with-newspaper/
Mulder's Moving and Storage
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Summer time is here! While we love the weather, there are some that will struggle this season more than most. While kids are not in school, those families with food insecurities struggle even more. While we partner with Move For Hunger, we learned that Kalamazoo RESA is hosting free breakfast and lunch for children all summer long. Check out the schedule here and be sure to share - you never know who could be struggling with hunger this summer: https://www.kresa.org/meetup
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When packing plates, stack them next to each other, like you are loading a dishwasher. This provides more protection and strength then stacking them flat. #WednesdayWisdom #MovingTips
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We are professionals - we will move you safely and securely every time. #SecureYourLoadDay https://t.co/bSpp6NRUhn muldersmoving photo
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We are a proud partner of Move for Hunger! Are you moving with us in the future? We will take your donated food to the local food bank! https://t.co/81PwNLORO6
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Move For Hunger @MoveForHunger
Summer is the busiest time of year for moving companies, and it's the most difficult time of year for food banks. If you or someone you know is moving soon, help us bridge the summer meal gap by donating your food when you move. https://t.co/tSTGMlIPqm https://t.co/ToJA5fxe45