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Spring Cleaning

Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring! If you plan on moving this year, this is an opportune time to do a deep spring cleaning. Thinning out your possessions now will not only save you from packing them, it will actually save you money when you move. If you have fewer possessions, it will…

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packing paper

Can I Wrap with Newspaper?

There are many supplies that you will need if you plan to pack yourself for a move. One of the essentials is packing paper. Packing paper is a thick, heavy, Kraft-like paper that is perfect for wrapping. It is pliable but strong, allowing you to wrap breakables which will offer protection during the move. You…

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Giving Back
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We are a proud partner of Move For Hunger, one of the nation’s largest year-round service programs. Our movers offer to pick up the unwanted, non-perishable food items from those who are moving and deliver it to their local food banks.


We are a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity. If you have furniture that you don’t want to take with you, we are happy to haul it to Habitat for Humanity at your request!


We are a proud partner of Goodwill. Moving is a great time to pair down on your clothes, blankets, and other items. If you would like to donate any of these items, we are happy to take it to Goodwill on your behalf!

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Mulder's Moving and Storage
Mulder's Moving and Storage
Many Americans agree that moving is the third most stressful event in their life following death in the family and divorce. Our hope is that our Mulder's customers don't feel this way with the support of our staff and crew!
Mulder's Moving and Storage
Mulder's Moving and Storage
A typical cardboard moving box can be used 3-10 times before it is structurally unsound.
Mulder's Fact: If you are moving locally, we may have used material for you to borrow free of charge. This isn't always available, so contact us to see if it is!
Mulder's Moving and Storage
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Our crew working hard at WMU's Waldo Library!
Mulder's Moving and Storage
Mulder's Moving and Storage
Typical household moves require 6,500 pounds of possessions to be moved. Good thing our guys are strong!

In honor of #NationalLibraryWeek, here are a few of our favorite photos from library moves! muldersmoving photo

We are excited to announce that after 70 years of moving and storage, we are expanding! Read more about our expansion here: @269Mag @DwntwnKalamazoo @DiscoverKzoo @MLive @Trendway

We are excited to announce that we have added a "Pay Online" button to our website! Paying online is easy #TipTuesday

Can't stand stepping in water with your socks? Us either.

Blame it on the big box superstores, but some are opting to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving…sometimes even before Halloween (eek)! When do you start decorating?