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packing paper

Can I Wrap with Newspaper?

There are many supplies that you will need if you plan to pack yourself for a move. One of the essentials is packing paper. Packing paper is a thick, heavy, Kraft-like paper that is perfect for wrapping. It is pliable but strong, allowing you to wrap breakables which will offer protection during the move. You…

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Things we cannot move


Believe it or not – there are things that Mulder’s Moving and Storage cannot move! This isn’t because a lack of ability or desire, rather, law or common sense that does not permit us to move the items listed below. This is not a complete list, so if you have items that are questionable, please…

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National Secure Your Load Day Mulder's Moving and Storage

National Secure Your Load Day

It seems there is a day for everything. We just celebrated National Donut Day, and National Weed Your Garden Day is later this month. Some may be silly, but this day is dedicated to the importance of securing any load during transport. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, secure your load is an effort…

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Mulder's Moving wrapping stemware

Wrapping Stemware

Packing may seem easy when you are wrapping sturdy dishes, but what happens when you get to your wine glasses? First, you may ponder the best way to ensure its protection. You may try stuffing paper in the top or wrapping the stem in bubble wrap. You may google it and find that people stuff…

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Giving Back
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We are a proud partner of Move For Hunger, one of the nation’s largest year-round service programs. Our movers offer to pick up the unwanted, non-perishable food items from those who are moving and deliver it to their local food banks.


We are a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity. If you have furniture that you don’t want to take with you, we are happy to haul it to Habitat for Humanity at your request!


We are a proud partner of Goodwill. Moving is a great time to pair down on your clothes, blankets, and other items. If you would like to donate any of these items, we are happy to take it to Goodwill on your behalf!

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Planning to pack with newspaper? Read this first!
Mulder's Moving and Storage
Mulder's Moving and Storage2 days ago
Summer time is here! While we love the weather, there are some that will struggle this season more than most. While kids are not in school, those families with food insecurities struggle even more. While we partner with Move For Hunger, we learned that Kalamazoo RESA is hosting free breakfast and lunch for children all summer long. Check out the schedule here and be sure to share - you never know who could be struggling with hunger this summer:
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It is birthday time!! Happy birthday to the incredible Mr. Bryan Meeks! He was born in Allegan, one of ten, but now lives in Comstock with his fantastic wife, Erin, and their four beautiful children. They also have two dogs - and rumor has it puppies may be on the way! Bryan loves to fish and golf. He also enjoys playing football. His favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake! His top two travel destinations are Amsterdam and Jamaica. Bryan loves working at Mulder's Moving and Storage, saying, "Mulder's has helped me to better myself as a man and I thank you." THANK YOU for being such an incredible person and employee, Mr. Meeks!
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When packing plates, stack them next to each other, like you are loading a dishwasher. This provides more protection and strength then stacking them flat. #WednesdayWisdom #MovingTips
2 weeks ago
We are professionals - we will move you safely and securely every time. #SecureYourLoadDay muldersmoving photo