For customers who need long-term storage of household goods or commercial items, Mulder’s West Michigan warehouse is perfectly suited for this purpose. Our facility is climate controlled, sprinkler equipped, secure and clean. A complete inventory is performed on all items being stored, including their condition. The items are then padded, wrapped and stored in large wooden pallet boxes, sealed and marked with your information and stacked in our Kalamazoo, Michigan warehouse.

Packing and storage rates are very competitive and Mulder’s can provide you with an estimate for your upcoming residential or commercial move by calling (269) 344-6683 or by using the Online Estimate tool. If you’re a potential storage customer, you’re welcome to tour our storage facility—just give us a call.

For over 70 years, Mulder’s has been committed to delivering the highest quality storage services to the Kalamazoo, Southwest and West Michigan areas.