We love giving back to our community any way that we can! We are partnered with Move for Hunger, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill. This makes it possible for us, with the help of our clients, to give back to our community. We often find that clients want to thin out their belongings before the move – and this makes sense! Paying to move unwanted or unnecessary items is not usually what clients prefer to do. Instead, we take these items free of charge and deliver them to the organization. We take non-perishable items to the local food bank through our partnership with Move for Hunger. We take furniture to Habitat for Humanity, and clothing to Goodwill. Have something to give? Just let us know when we come to do the walk-through estimate!

Everyday Donations

Our clients are the real heroes – donating items that they no longer need when they move! If our clients decide to donate something instead of move it when we arrive, we will take donated items to the organization upon their request. Household furniture usually goes to Habitat for Humanity, clothes and household items to…

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