Keith and Cindy Benthin

Keith and Cindy Benthin

Meet the owners of this family operated business! Together they have three daughters. Keith’s parents purchased Mulder’s in 1976 from Don Mulder. A lot of people think, or assume, Keith’s last name is Mulder because of the name of the business. However, Bob and Esther continued on with the name after they purchased the business. Keith started working for Mulder’s in 1975, working for Don Mulder. He worked for Mulder’s for 27 years until 2002 when he felt a calling to go into youth ministry. After lots of prayer, Keith felt called to leave his current employment and come back to Mulder’s and continue the company. He wanted to continue Mulder’s not only because it was a family business, but for all the employees that relied on him to provide a job for them. He wanted Kalamazoo to continue having a moving business where their customers receive everything they have been promised. Hard work and honesty is something he requires of all his employees, asking that they always deliver more than expected.

Michele Schulz

Michele began her journey at Mulder’s in August of 2017. She attended Western Michigan University where she earned her Bachelor’s in accounting. She continued her career, taking positions in office management and accounting. “I love being a part of the Mulder’s Family. It is wonderful to work for a company that truly cares about its customers, employees and the community.”

Shaylareign Strozewski

Shaylareign has very recently joined the Mulder’s team in July 2022 . She comes from a property management background and is extremely excited about venturing into her career in accounting at Mulder’s. She’s from the east side of the state and has come to Kalamazoo with a big smile and lots of ambition. Her favorite part about Mulder’s is the care that is given to each customer, is given to each employee daily. “Mulder’s has welcomed and treated me like family from the day I interviewed!”

Payton DeYoung-Buhler
Operations Manager 

Payton joined the Mulder’s Moving & Storage team after graduating from Kalamazoo Valley Community College. As the Operations Manager, her job is the critical link between our office and crew. She values Keith & Cindy and their mission to care for our customers, crew, and community. In her free time, Payton enjoys riding her horses, Max and Hank!

Moving Crew

Mike Huver
Warehouse Manager

Mike started as a helper in March of 1984, and trained with Brian Benthin as an over-the-road driver, and obtained his Class A license in 1990. He actually ended his employment with Mulder’s as lead driver in 1997 to join up with a couple of great guys he knew in North Carolina who had just taken over a failing Mayflower agent. In eight years, they turned that failing company into the #1 moving company in the nation. That year, he was awarded the “Van H. Finch Award” for outstanding customer service. He was the lead supervisor at the time and then moved into dispatch for 2 ½ years. Mike returned to Michigan and Mulder’s in 2010. Mike has found it a fulfilling challenge as a mover, salesman, operations manager, and now warehouse manager to help grow Mulder’s into Kalamazoo’s elite mover. “I feel so blessed working with the outstanding, dedicated people at Mulder’s.”

Chris Benthin
Project Manager

Chris leads by example on his jobs. As a leader, he holds his crew to remarkable standards and strives for excellence on every job. He accepts nothing less than the best, making him an incredible asset to our team. As a part of the Benthin family, Chris is committed to continuing to grow this family business!

Geovante Weston (Geo)
Crew Leader / Driver

Geovante is a hard working Crew Leader and is 100% committed to upholding the positive reputation Mulder’s has built. Geo is a peoples person with a big heart and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Each day he leads his crew in a positive way and holds them to high standards to make sure the Mulder’s spirit is showcased not only in the office, but on our day to day jobs as well.

Ron Bolton
Crew Leader / Interstate Driver

Ron brings lots of experience to Mulder’s.  He began his career at Mulder’s in 2013.  He is the employee we look to for handling interstate moves. He also excels in leading crews through commercial and residential moves with exceptional professionalism and efficiency.

Marty Faltin
Crew Leader / Driver

Marty has been with Mulder’s since 2017 and his top priority to make sure that he runs his crew in a way that ensures every customer gets Red Carpet Service, the entire length of the job. His energy is remarkable and he’s often compared to the Energizer Bunny. Marty owns the title of “Ultimate Packer”. His knowledge and skills are endless.

John Hughes
Crew Leader / Driver

John can be described as outgoing and funny but when its time to work he leads his crew with exceptional expertise and effectiveness. He always stresses to his crew that a positive attitude is imperative because he believes a happy customer starts with happy movers. He showcases his level of experience everyday by making sure every standard is not only met, but exceeded.


Warren Trowbridge
Crew Leader / Interstate Driver


Warren is a man of few words but, his work ethic and attention to detail will leave you completely speechless too! Each day he leads his crew with integrity and passion to ensure your move is as smooth as possible.  “I love to work at Mulder’s because it is a big family”.

Jestin Colwell
Crew Leader In Training 

Jestin is currently a crew leader in training and his #1 goal is to become a leader that runs his crew professionally and flawlessly in every aspect. He is never afraid to do what’s needed to ensure his crew and customers are happy. He is ambitious, customer oriented, and always looking for ways to grow at Mulder’s.

Javier Ortiz


Javier loves working for Mulder’s because “Keith & Cindy care for their employees and customers before the business, and go above and beyond for each of us”. His favorite part about being a crew member is it always teaches him new things. He’s always seen with a smile on his face and goes the extra mile to get the job done every day.

Carlos Torres-Morales


Carlos is always sure to not only take care of the customers items, but also to do what he can to take care of the customer. Each day he comes to work with an upbeat, go-getter attitude and gives it his all from start to finish. “I love working for Mulder’s because of the work out I get daily and everyone there treats me like family”.

Cesar Torres-Morales


Cesar enjoys working for Mulder’s because “they treat our customers like family”. His most favorite part about Mulder’s is the way the office takes care of the crew. Cesar is driven to make sure he does more than just his part, and is always eager to help in ways that make the moves easier for everyone.

Juan Ruiz Jr.


Juan comes to work each day with a positive and optimistic outlook, he’s known for always being willing to help where its needed and for his everlasting determination. When he’s not at Mulder’s he enjoys running, playing sports and hanging out with his dog Bruno.

Kalob Novencido


Kalob loves working for Mulder’s because “everyday is different and I learn new things almost all the time”. Kalob is always thinking of ways he can make the customer happy. He can be described as friendly and focused, and his laugh is contagious. In his free time he loves to ride his four-wheelers and play golf.

Allen Drewyor


Allen is a quiet guy but his actions speak a thousand words. He is kind to everyone, maintains a good attitude and is always trying to help in any way he can. He enjoys working for Mulder’s because “the crew and the office are a big family, always taking care of each other.”

Gavin Williams


Gavin is our newest edition to the crew, he is always looking for knowledge to absorb and wants help in any way possible. After hours, Gavin enjoys playing videogames and football. His favorite thing about Mulder’s is “the good group of people I work with”.