Keith Benthin

Meet the president of this family owned business! He is married to Cindy Dykens Benthin and has three daughters. His parents purchased Mulders in 1976 from Don Mulder. A lot of people think, or assume, Keith’s last name is Mulder because of the name of the business. However, Bob and Esther continued on with the name after they purchased the business. Keith started working for Mulders in 1975, working for Don Mulder. He worked for Mulders for 27 years until 2002 when he felt a calling to go into youth ministry. After lots of prayer, Keith felt called to leave his current employment and come back to Mulders and continue the company. He wanted to continue Mulders not only because it was a family business, but for all the employees that relied on him to provide a job for them. He wanted Kalamazoo to continue having a moving business where their customers receive everything they have been promised. Hard work and honesty is something he requires of all his employees, asking that they always deliver more than expected.

Cindy Benthin
Move Coordinator

Cindy Benthin is the dedicated Move Coordinator for Mulder’s Moving and Storage. Married to Keith, Cindy is completely invested in this family owned business. Cindy’s goal is to make each move as smooth and stress-free as possible. She will be in contact with you before the move, during the move, and after the move to ensure that there is open communication and that you are satisfied.